feb 2013      

I have just started looking after a new garden.   In my error I checked it over when it was a cold and wet day,  s0 rather than taking my fork to delve into the ground below,  I  was just over whelmed by the beauty of the house and garden .   I have for many years  wanted to live in a house with a veranda – and this has one to die for.  I could just see myself sitting there with a beer whilst admiring the view.   So  I  imagined all of this and how I could make some giant borders for  this Summer.   The moral of this story is don’t get carried away with your design and plant list, take stock  and check  what lies beneath the soil.  This garden is full of ground elder, and when I say full,  I mean  to the brim.  However it will one day have a fantastic weed free border, and in the meantime it  is good for the arm muscles at least.

It has been a  fantastic working week –  with thermal layers  reducing on a daily basis.  On Thursday I came away from work, feeling incredibly positive .   I think gardening for me (any way at least) increases my levels of seratonin.  It really does make me feel  happy and that anything  is achievable – in a garden any way.

Roll on Spring.