love your garden

love your garden

Yesterday was Valentines day, the weather was terrible, and a little windswept to say the least,so no actual gardening occured, however being the stalwart I am I visited my two Friday gardens for an eyeful of snowdrops, primroses and dreamy hellebores.

On the valentines mode – I have considered recently   how can you tell when a garden is truly loved ?  Some gardens I visit  for ideas are fantastic, good design concept, great planting style, yet they lack something , and I would consider that they lack the feeling of being well loved. In my opinion plants do appear to be far healthier in well loved gardens.  Maybe it is simply through appreciation,  thought in their planting and long term care,  and time spent in them that helps a garden to become truly loved. 

I recommend that we all get into our gardens, however small they are, and give them some loving appreciation

Leaving plants  to self seed, was one of my favorite gardening pastimes  throughout  2013 .   Hopefully there will be a deluge of foxgloves,  Aquilegia, valerian, poppies and  teasels in many of the gardens I care for.  I do hope that  my gardening friends  will appreciate this act of love  for their gardens.

With it being so close to Valentines I thought I would share this Heart shaped foliage – just perfect.
february 2014 069
Aside from horticulture – I spent some time earlier this week in Manchester. I am a red head, and thankfully no it was not me However on future visits to my Dads I will be cycling whilst wearing a bobble hat.